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Real Life Examples: Puzzles Solved

Getting the bolt holes right on my HOG?

The Puzzle:
On motorcycle frames, there are holes for bolting parts to the frame.  If the hole is not in the right place or “off” just a bit in any direction,

Should you always clean your glasses?

The Puzzle:
Customers purchased Thin Sheet Glass to use for computer screens and for screens on hand-held TVs.  Complaints about lint and surface contaminants were….

Neck and Neck with QuickSigma?

The Puzzle:
All participants in a Six Sigma class held at a poultry production plant were required to complete a project.  But the projects were taking much longer than expected to complete.  What to do?

Who wants glass in their brandy?

The Puzzle:
A team of people from a glass container plant came to a seminar on Managing for Continuous Improvement.  They had one critical issue on their minds.