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Make your business great again

In 2017, after 35 years observing US industry, I have arrived at this simple epiphany:  the truly successful company — that is one both highly profitable and sustaining —  is value driven.

  • It takes great pride in producing a product or service that both customer and company find of substantial value.
  • It values and fosters an environment in which employees and management out of respect for one another work together as a team, taking full responsibility for the success of the company and sharing in both its setbacks and rewards.
  • It believes that growth of the business depends on the growth of people.
  • It views the entire operation as a value chain connecting the core processes with suppliers and customers.
  • It realizes that the relationship between you and your customer is based on a “Value Proposition” embodying a fair exchange between you and your customer.
  • It recognizes that continual improvement can best be achieved by “fully” integrating the brilliant Statistical Process Control techniques of Shewhart and Deming together with Six Sigma, and Lean.

If you share this definition of success, I can help you to make it real.