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Dr. Sophronia (Frony) Ward

What to Consider When Looking at Data from Surveys, March 2016
Featured Interview on the Dr. W. Edwards Deming Podcast 

Dr. Sophronia (Frony) Ward, Managing and Founding Partner of Pinnacle Partners,  discusses what you need to consider when looking at data from surveys.

One of the points Frony makes is that often the survey data you see fail to provide the details that you really need to know when using the data. When you look at professionally done polls often they will be adjusted, but those adjustments are not explained so the level of the adjustment is often unknown.

Surveys done by businesses often have big problems with survey methodology (dealing with issues such as response bias). Also businesses often have survey data that is collected where it is biased by pleas from those at the gemba for customers not to be honest on the survey.

It is helpful to use data to help guide improvement efforts, but it is critical to know what the data does and does not tell you. There are many problems created when people attempt to use data but don’t understand what the data does and does not say. An understanding of variation is critical to using data effectively.

Follow the link  listed below to listen to Frony's interview...

Process Behavior Charts are the "Secret Sauce" to Seeing the World

Featured Interview on the Dr. W. Edwards Deming Podcast 

This podcast is part of the "Knowledge in Variation Series" featuring Dr. Frony Ward, Managing  Partner of Pinnacle Partners, Inc.   Frony discusses the importance of Statistical Process Control (SPC) in all parts of an organization and why
it can become a barrier to many. 

Follow this link to listen to Frony's interview with Tripp Babbitt, the moderator for this series...


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