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Real-world experts achieving self-sustaining organizational and operations results through strategic partnering, training and project facilitation.


Transforming Businesses Through People and Processes

Our team includes professionals with over 30+ years of experience in business and industry, both service and manufacturing.  We integrate our consulting services to provide the expertise appropriate for each client organization.  This range of expertise includes consulting on process improvement, lean manufacturing, six-sigma methodology, value-added manufacturing, lean accounting, pay for skills, design of experiments and more advanced statistical applications. 

We work with organizations to design their approach to achieve better business results - bottom-line growth, top-line growth, customer satisfaction - through process improvement.  Decision making and project selection are critical to this success and every member of our team has extensive experience in this area of organizational facilitation.

PPI's training offerings combine on-site classroom sessions, on-site special sessions for specific projects with the flexibility of off-site phone and email assistance.   All training is customized for the specific needs of each client.  Our hands-on approach focuses on achieving success with in-house practical applications of all training.